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Giants Editor 7.1.0 running slow

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Created20.04.2017 05:52

Mike Armstrong (medtech1) 20.04.2017 06:02
Giants Editor 7.1 is responding very slow. When attempting to edit anything in the editor it takes a really long time for the process to complete. I did not notice this in earlier version. Example: When deleting a tree, it takes approximately 1-2 minutes. Nothing even comes close to editing at a normal speed.

I have unloaded and reinstalled the program, and made sure all maps I am editing are on the same HDD. I have set the priority of the program to high with no luck. I have changed the max undo memory from the lowest to the highest available without luck. PC specs are below. Any help would be great.

Windows 10
ASUS Maximus IX Code Motherboard
Intel Core I7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz
36 GB G.Skill Memory
EVGA Geforce GTX 970 Video Card
Samsung 500GB SSD

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.04.2017 07:22

depending on the amount of objects in the scenegraph the waiting time increases.
With a more structured hierarchy the problem might be less.
(try not to have everything in one single transformgroup)


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