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Created05.05.2017 17:59

Rok Galun (grmodding) 05.05.2017 18:11
Hello. I need help for hydraulic attacher. I add attacher on mod and it doesnt work. Is vehicle type important? Because i have in vehicle type tranportTrailer because od belts. But mod is implement.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.05.2017 06:57

the vehicleType "transportTrailer" uses the specialization "attacherJoints". Hence it's possible to use "hydraulic attachers".
Please check your setup in detail and compare it to a default vehicle.


Rok Galun (grmodding) 10.05.2017 09:53
Hi i have that, but its still not working...

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.05.2017 12:30

just to make sure, you do not have a typo in your .xml file, right?
"transportTrailer" VS "tranportTrailer"

You could also create a new vehicleType in the modDesc.xml with only the specializations that your mod requires.
But "transportTrailer" does not use too many specializations and should be fine.

If you don't have a typo, could pleas epost your modDesc.xml, vehicle.xml and your log.txt (best at pastebin and paste the links in this thread)?
Eventually a screenshot of the hierarchy 'around' the actual attacher would also help to find the cause of your problem.


Rok Galun (grmodding) 16.05.2017 06:55
I resolve the problem. I must make attacher littlebit higher. So thanks anyway

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