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using mods in jobs on other farms

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Created06.05.2017 11:05

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 06.05.2017 11:07
Is there a way that installed mods can get into the pool of machinery used in the jobs working other people's fields?

would be neat if we can.

[edit] as you were. I just hadn't managed to trigger them - but on harvesting a big field, I was offered the 60ft header on the combine. Which, the author says, is based on a real one from Australia. Not so convinced about the 90ft ones I saw on offer in one mod though. I know they have some big combines these days, but not that big, I don't think.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.05.2017 07:03

yes there is a way.

Please have a look at the xml files of our default vehicles.
e.g. caseIH1030Cutter.xml

It contains the following attributes:
<fieldJob sizeCategory="1" typeCategory="cutter" >
<dependency filename="$data/vehicles/steerable/caseIH/caseIH1660.xml" />
I guess it's clear what they mean ...


Austin Shackles (Unknown) 10.05.2017 07:54
Yes I have found that, thanks Emil. The other issue I've seen is that tractors are only used if they have front hydraulics. This elininates all the big ones which don't, e.g. T9, and indeed the new Big Buds.

Unless there's a sizeCategory="4" which I've yet to meet. I've yet to test whether putting a fake "true" in the file would make it select those tractors, then you would just not use the front weight (it wouldn't be needed anyway).

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.05.2017 12:00

the usage (rather selection) of tractors in the fieldJobs is definetly something we have to optimize in the future.
The current implementation is not perfect.

You could set the attribute "hasFrontAndBackHydraulics" to true.
However, this would open a case where you get two tools (think about sugarBeet harvesting), but can't attach both of the tools.


Austin Shackles (Unknown) 10.05.2017 19:40
Yes I had worked that out as well. I notice that most jobs have weights, which are basically a placeholder. The other job that I could think of which would need front linkages is a sprayer with additional front tank.

Maybe though you could create another vehicle class? so that the large tractors with no front linkages (Challenger, the big Case, Big Bud etc.) could be class 4 and have appropriate large implements (also class 4) which don't need a front attachment. After my amusement with the Horsch tiger 10 plough mod, if you are pulling a 10m width plough you're going to need a big tractor. The really big machines all tend to be towed, such as the big seeders with the separate tank trailer, and so on. They're also only really suited to the largest fields, so having "class 4" fields for class 4 machines might be a fairly easy solution.

If anyone is following: I added hasFrontAndBackHydraulics="true" to a Kirovets 700 mod, and it showed up on a ploughing job - so this is a viable workaround, you just have to avoid jobs which might need the front linkage. Evidently a large artic steer tractor with front engine doesn't need to use the additional front weight!

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