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can't select terrain to paint foliage on

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Created11.05.2017 23:46

Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 11.05.2017 23:48
Hi there, i am making a map and when i go to paint the foliage (starting with grass channels 0 and 6) but it won't paint it on the terrain, in the texture layer dropdown menu there isn't an option for the terrain?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.05.2017 08:07

you could check out our video tutorials.
There is no need to select the terrain, because there is only one terrain in a map.


Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 12.05.2017 12:22
Hi, i have watched the tutorials, and i have made a map before but it will not paint any type of foliage on my terrain for some reason?

Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 12.05.2017 12:32
I will upload a short video to youtube of what i mean, for you to get a better understanding, it also doesn't paint down terrain detail,

youtube link:

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.05.2017 13:37

sorry I can't watch the video because I don't have an account on youtube.
But you could make the video public :)

Well, did you use a mod map from somebody else?
Or did you change something in the terrain/foliage layers?
Or was the mod map initially made for FS15 and you try to adjust it to FS17?
If so, you or somebody else might have screwed something up.


Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 12.05.2017 14:30
video is now public so you should be able to view it.

and i got the map from fs-uk

here is the link to the map i downloaded

I haven't changed anything to do with foliage or terrain, all ive done is set my farm up and created some hills and roads etc


Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 12.05.2017 14:38
i think its the folder heirarchy for the foliage, fill planes and shared folders, for some reason they are inside the map01 folder, but now i have started to make my map when i move the folders out of map01 and into the root the terrain disappears?

how do i rectify this as i dont want to lose all the progress i have made so far, do i continue building the map or halt temporarily?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.05.2017 16:49

thanks for uploading the video!

Well, I just downloaded the map, extracted it and opened it with GE 7.1.0
Painting foliage was not a problem at all.

Maybe try it again with the most recent version of the GE.
If that does not work, download the map again. Maybe something got screwed up?

Really not sure what could be broken.
Only spontaneous idea: please double check the assignments of your mouse buttons - where is "Add"?


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