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Created15.05.2017 05:20

Brian Bolger (briano74) 15.05.2017 05:24

I am creating a beet harvester

I want to animate beets travelling along a belt using a UV Scroll

Is there an effect class that allows this to work (not a threshingScroller)

I have made a texture of beets in a line (with their tops on). See image:

I want these to move when machine enters and starts to harvest a row



Stefan Maurus (MaurusStefan) 15.05.2017 13:52
Hello Brian.

For things like that we got our "MorphPositionEffect" class. You can look for an example in the grimme rootster 604. Just register a new material type with you texture and then it should work.

How to register new effect materials:

1. Register new material type (if needed):
2. Create material holder with you material. (e. g. bin\data\particleSystems\effect_materialHolder.i3d)
3. Load material holder i3d with your mod.


Brian Bolger (briano74) 15.05.2017 16:10
Hello. This is great. I will do these steps. I have 2 other questions for this mod:

1. This beet harvester has a tank not a pipe. Is it possible to use the trailer animations to tip and empty the tank in this type of vehicle

2. I need to create morph position 3D effect shapes for the beet moving through the machine. Are these just 3d models that are shaped to suit?

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