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driver blocked by object

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Created28.05.2017 23:22

Dave Smith (Unknown) 28.05.2017 23:22
so i am making a map and i have started testing.when i hire a worker it drives for a few feet then stops and i get the notification (driver blocked by object) i have looked into this both within the dev console and GE with nothing standing out to cause this problem.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.05.2017 07:01

sorry, I deleted the wrong post - my bad!
Could you repeat your questionn?


Dave Smith (Unknown) 29.05.2017 15:31
no problem!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.05.2017 06:37

The helper checks the are in front of him for objects (potential collisions).
So, if there's a huge object on your map which spans all over it - that might explain why the helper does not want to work correctly.
Note: the physical reprenentation of an object might look completely different than what you would expect.


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