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Issues with Making Mod Dyable

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Created01.06.2017 06:09

James Gosselin (Unknown) 01.06.2017 06:09
I have an F-350 Mod I tried to make dyable. and after much avail I have it working sort of.. It is has an extra... Shiney? Darkness? Shader?? I am not sure any color you pick is MUCH MUCH darker in-game and i am not sure how to proceed further.. I have uploaded the mod to my domain and included a link.. any help would be appreciated.

David Erickson (dle0105) 04.06.2017 01:22
Your normal and specular textures are incorrect. I created a proper of each and the colors are fine. I noticed that your XML isn't configured to make the mod washable so I just painted my specular blue channel completely black. If you do want to make it washable in the future you can add some white to the blue channel.

Just replace the specular and normal textures you are using with the ones in this ZIP file.

James Gosselin (Unknown) 04.06.2017 08:09
Thank you very very much.. Works perfect :) now onto my next project :D

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