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Multiple groups of tension belts

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Created18.06.2017 15:56

Jared Kelm (jk1173) 18.06.2017 15:56
I have made a double row round bale trailer. Each side will hold 6 round bales and I have scripted it to tip so that both sides tip to unload. I want to be able to strap down the last bale just to make sure they stay. I'm using the "toggleAnimatedParts.lua" script and referencing each side separately so I can dump one side at a time. I have found out that I have to add the belts inside the parent component so they move as well. My problem is that I have 2 separate components and the tension belts code only allows you to reference one component.

The mods I looked at had all the belts collected in 1 group. I have to have belts for each side so they stay with the sides when they are rotated. If I do the belts combined like on a flat trailer, the sides will lift up and the belts stay in place.

Here is how I have it right now. This works for the left side--the strap attaches and stays with the side when I tip it like it's supposed to.

<tensionBelts linkNode="0>5|2" jointNode="0>" width="0.075" maxEdgeLength="0.1" geometryBias="0.01" ratchetPosition="0.2" defaultOffset="-0.25" defaultOffsetSide="0.1" defaultHeight="2.75" interactionRadius="1.5" totalInteractionRadius="6.5">
<tensionBelt startNode="0>5|2|0" endNode="0>5|2|0|0" />

Based on the linkNode at the beginning, my understanding is all the belts have to be together. I have tried to copy these lines and have a separate one for the other side but the game ignored the other side.

Is there a way to actually have 2 separate groups of tension belts or am I out of luck?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.06.2017 07:09

that's only feasible by using a custom script/mod.


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