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Is there a way to setup multiple silo triggers?

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Created21.06.2017 21:09

David Kington (ShyWizard) 21.06.2017 21:09
I would like to add more than one silo trigger on a 4x map so they all go into the main farm silo & show up the fill level in the escape menu.
I have added multiple triggers with the same index which creates duplicate index errors.
So gave the trigger a different index name which fixes the error & accepts the filltypes assigned but will not show up in the escape menu.
Can this be done by changing or adding user attributes or will it require a script?

Mike Smith (Unknown) 22.06.2017 15:34
I am working on the same thing. I can tell you that you need to have different Index names for your farm storage tip triggers (in GE under user Attributes), you also need to copy and paste the silo tip trigger section in your map01.xml file, so you have a tip trigger section for each index you create. This will allow you to dump grain into any of your farm silos and they should all show up in the escape menu as a total amount.

What I have not been able to figure out is how to get the siloTriggers to work correctly, meaning: being able to load a trailer with grain from different siloTriggers.

Anyone know how to get the silo triggers to work? When i try to fill from my second siloTrigger, it says everything is empty, but if i go to the first soliTrigger, I can fill my trailer from there.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.06.2017 17:47
For input one can use "isFarmSilo = true" - then it counts to the global storage.

However the silo trigger (output) now only takes into account storages which are in range "storageRadius".
You can enlarge the storageRadius massively, so that all storages on map are regarded.
But then you'll also get sources like "water", "liquidManure", ... all what is in range.

Koi Marquis (Unknown) 21.09.2017 23:30
I need help with the same issue, willing to pay

Ray Swartzendruber (druber) 10.12.2018 21:10
Anyone else have any input on this subject? I played a farm at one point (possibly FS15 that successfully did this, but cannot find it now) and it's driving me nuts trying to figure it out. It works fine as long as the bins are close together, but falls apart when spaced farther apart. StorageRadius resolves one problem, and causes other problems. HELP!!

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