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Created09.07.2017 23:52

Matthias F. (MBP219) 09.07.2017 23:52
Hello community,

I have a question about the PDA hotspot icons on mod maps.

I added a new PDA hotspot (no trigger) to the map01.xml and now I want to set a custom icon image.
Does anybody know how I can set the path to a picture that I want to be shown on the PDA corresponding to the new hotspot?
Is there a way to do that by specifiying a certain value (which one?) of the hotspot attribute within the xml file?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 10:11

a hotspot supports the following attribute:
so you can set a custom image.


Jake Sindelir (Unknown) 24.09.2017 20:50
What is the syntax for a relative path? I have been trying all kinds of paths, but can only get it working when using an absolute path (i.e. drive letter and full path)

That or I am missing something else if it has to be added to another file as well?

Edit: Seems that the path starts from the game install directory. So a side-question is there a reference key like $data that will point to either the mods folder, or better yet, the mod folder itself?

Tim (sliv) (Unknown) 25.09.2017 22:11
Hi Jake, maybe try g_modsDirectory (edit: maybe you're not talking about inside lua ) In xml, like i3d, I see examples like:

filename="shared/" relativePath="true"

(and that is an example where "shared" is a subfolder in the specific mod folder)

Jake Sindelir (Unknown) 26.09.2017 02:05
Yes I am referring to the map01.xml file, but, relativePath is not an option for the hotspot tag. I could do it in a lua file though, was just trying to keep the files a little more organized and have stuff together.

Roger Cote (GreasyX) 29.03.2018 07:13
what file format is supported ?
and do you still need the imageUVs ?
i am trying to get it to work
Also what file size should i use ?

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 30.03.2018 01:35
Any luck getting it to work, I can see my image but cant get the whole image to show in the circle

Roger Cote (GreasyX) 30.03.2018 03:11
and your doing better than me
I cant get the resources to load into game not reading dds file

what format are you using

I am trying DXT5 256 X256 image
hears my scripte

<hotspot name="BoardFactory" fullName="$l10n_function_sawmill" baseColor="0.277 0.598 0.25 1" imageFilename="" imageUVs="25 25 205 205" xMapPos="-2894.227" zMapPos="3936.634" blinking="false" persistent="false" showName="true" hidable="true" renderLast="false" category="CATEGORY_DEFAULT"/>

any info would help
thanks and sounds like your UVs are off just a bit

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 30.03.2018 12:15
you need to specify the complete path to your image file starting in the root directory, mine is in the root then in a folder called hotspots.
I am using a .dds file format with alpha channel DTX5 256X256. I will try tweaking the UVs, thanks!

I hope this helps.

Roger Cote (GreasyX) 30.03.2018 22:12
ok thanks ill try that now
ok still not working getting error

Error: Can't load resource 'testMap16X/scripte/hud/'.
any idea tried all image setting in so i am lost

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 30.03.2018 23:46
your root directory starts where the modDesc is located, no need to add that to the file path, try scripte/hud/

That should work

Good luck


Roger Cote (GreasyX) 31.03.2018 19:21

I am not having any luck still getting errors

Error: Can't load resource ''.
Error: Can't load resource 'scripte/hud/'.
even tried Error: Can't load resource 'hotspots/

tried entering same file two different way still no luck reading file using DTX5 (alpha) channel
now i have had an update 3 days ago to hoping this is not the issue i am going to do some texture testing on
just don't understand why its not showing even when in main dir.

is their a specific name you have to call the image ?

anyone any help

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 01.04.2018 01:58
I am now having issues on another map, I got it working perfectly on one map but now I exported GCV and am having the same problem as you are but I did it exactly the same way as on the map I have it working on, I am totally confused at this point.

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 01.04.2018 02:45
I believe at this point it will require a custom LUA script to work. In the map I got it working on I have a custom ModMap.LUA script installed which I got from another source as I do not understand the coding as of yet. I installed it mainly for the multi terrain angles and it has some coding in it about hotspots.

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 06.04.2018 12:54
I got it figured out and will be doing a How To Video on YouTube this weekend. Here is a link to my How To Video on YouTube

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