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Textures in game on my objects

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Created03.08.2017 16:43

Bartek Perkowski (Pyrol) 03.08.2017 16:43
I have a problem with textures in game; objects are whole black or have glitches. Do you know what can be issue of this?
While I'm creating models I use textures in .DDS format. I use normal maps but when I deleted normals building looks the same. It's really wierd biecause I made before a wall and it is ok (like you can see on picture)
There is a picture from game and second one from editor.

Thanks for help

Bartek Perkowski (Pyrol) 03.08.2017 19:23
I think I found the solution: In game.xml I changed renderer to DX_9 instead of DX_11. I reminded this when I played firt time in FS17 lights were bugged ;) and I found the same solution

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 14.08.2017 00:56
Not sure if u are using blender?
If so be sure in3D view u go to tools "N key" set multitexture to glsl and check black/culling. That will help u find issues with faces. If they show invisible in blender go to mesh and reverse the normal. Also in another forum I was told to always lock scale/rotation (object mode hit "ctrl a") before adding edge split and then do uv layout. The rotation/scar lock fixed my issues with faces either being or turning black at certain angles. If u do the rotation/scale lock last it can mess up your uv layout which inn my case was causing issues with my normal map textures. They were rotated.
Big credits to farmer Andy he does incredible stuff and pointed these steps out to me.

Piotr Sobi (Unknown) 21.08.2017 13:51
Hey, I have question too about parameters of .DDS file how to convert texture for trailer/ truck and see them correct in game ? When i come very close i see texture but if i sand back 10-50 meters my texture is black... how to solve this problem ? I don't know with what parameters i need use when i export ready image file from Adobe Photoshop CS6. Some links or turtorials ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.08.2017 16:08

one advantage of DDS files is the capability to store mipmaps.
Mipmaps are lower resolution version of the same image/etexture.
These additional images are used when you (the camera) are further away from the object.

To me you rproblem description sounds like there was a problem with mipmaps.
Please check if you have created these.


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