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Created06.09.2017 04:06

Brian Bolger (briano74) 06.09.2017 04:06
Hello from CDModelz

We have a new bale wrapper mod which is almost complete and we would like to add wrap color config to this mod (must console compatible XML)

We have the XML for the wrap color configuration and have highlighted the nodes in the i3d. The wrap materials however do not change (always appear white in game), even though the store menu appears to select colors. Also there are no shaders on the wrap materials so how is this color change accomplished?

Also how does the base game bales change color (what code makes this happen)?

Thanks in advance.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2017 09:09

changing the wrap color only works inside the Kuhn DLC.
It is not a feature of the base game and therefore it can't be used by mods.


Luiis Calvo (Unknown) 12.09.2017 22:31

if you can, there is a mod with that feature

I have changed it to another mod and it works fine

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