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Created10.09.2017 21:41

Luca Braun (Bigfarmer145) 10.09.2017 21:41
Hello everyone!
I'm currently trying to animate a chain. Is it possible to control the meshScrollShader with movingTool?
Roughly like this:

<movingTool index="0>8|0|1|0">
<controls axis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM" invertAxis="false" mouseSpeedFactor="3" iconFilename="$dataS2/menu/moveControls/crane_arm2_trans.png" />
<meshScroll scrollSpeed="0.9934" scrollAcceleration="20" lengthAndRadius="2.0 0.5 0 0" scrollPositionMin="0.90" scrollPositionMax="2.85" />

If not, Would it be possible with a Script?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2017 08:41

not directly.

But you can control an animation with a movingTool.
Animations can adjust shaderParameters.
(shaderParameter, shaderStartValues, shaderEndValues)

A script can do 'everything' ;)


Luca Braun (Bigfarmer145) 11.09.2017 08:41
Ok, that went quickly.

thanks to S.Maurus i have the Solution:
first: create an Animation like this, where you change the shader Parameter:
<animation animname="abc" part node="0>8|0|1|0" startTime="0" endTime="10" shaderParameter="meshScroll" shaderStartValues="0.90 0 0 0" shaderEndValues="2.85 0 0 0"/>

second: steer the Animation via Movingtool like this:
<movingTool index="0>8|0|1|0" playSound="true" >
<controls axis="AXIS_WHEEL_BASE" invertAxis="false" mouseSpeedFactor="0.7" iconFilename="$dataS2/menu/moveControls/wheelBase.png" />
<animation animName="abc" animSpeed="0.4" />

Well that means you can change every shader by animation, even like the Colorscale if it is build in, wich opens a whole new world to me, and maybe to you reader.

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