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Created12.09.2017 14:03

Brian Blank (blankman77) 12.09.2017 14:03
Hello - I've been editing the terrain of a map (dirt/gravel/grass etc.). When I then play on the map there will be times when I'm driving on sections of dirt or gravel but I get no sound but on other sections I do get the sound. I have the same issue with grass and asphalt. Does this have something to do with the weight maps? I thought as long as I edit the terrain in editor all the weight maps update automatically.
Appreciate any input.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.09.2017 07:04

in the file mapXX_sound.xml you can find entries for terrain sound, e.g.

<material type="wheel" file="$data/sounds/surface/dirt.wav" materialId="1" name="dirt" volume="1.00" indoorVolumeFactor="0.20" pitchOffset="0.85" indoorLowpassGain="0.75" pitchScale="0.05" />

Please note the value of the attribute "materialId"

This value is exposed by a layer in the mapXX.i3d
Please open the map with atext editor and search for
<Layer name=
You will find the 'terrain textures/materials'.
They have an attribute called "attributes".

<Layer name="roughDirt" detailMapId="5" normalMapId="6" unitSize="12" weightMapId="3" distanceMapId="4" attributes="0.155 0.082 0.037 1 1" priority="2"/>

So, "attributes" defines five values.
First three values are a RGB triplet for coloring the wheel PS and tire tracks.
The fourth value defines the deepness of the tracks.
The fifth value defines an "ID" which is used to play an appropiate surface sound (with the same ID in the mapXX_sound.xml).


Brian Blank (blankman77) 13.09.2017 13:31
Thanks so much for the help Emil!

R Harris (Rambow145) 15.09.2017 00:39
@Emil Drefers , How can I get Jungle sounds on one side of the map like in the sandy side of the map, but keep the other bluejay sounds on the other side of the map?

Any way to do this. I could add a audio box to the map but then night time would sound off.

Thanks for any help from any one! :)

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