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Modding map Giants Island 09 (paid job)

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Created13.09.2017 23:48

Bo Pennings (Unknown) 13.09.2017 23:48
Hi Modders,

It would be nice if there is a modded version of the the Giants Island 09 map.

The most important change are the sheep and pigs. I want to move them close to the main farm, like the cows. It does not matter if the map loses some foliage fields like 14, 5 or 15. (map

And besides that it would be great if there can be some changes to the main farm:
- more concrete so the farm is bigger, a large square (for example the space between the farm and field 15)
- one or two more silage storage sites (next to eachother)
- tree more storage places to loose raw materials on the ground (for example the one next to the cow shed)
- a few more open shelters

Can someone change the map for me? I'm offering a $50 donation with paypal for the one that does the job.

Stephanie Love (Unknown) 27.09.2017 01:37
Has anyone done this for you yet?

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 27.09.2017 18:57
Its pretty easy, you can do this for yourself. Check youtube videos like "moving animal zones", etc.. Modding is fun :)

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