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Created17.09.2017 12:02

Stefan Wahl (Unknown) 17.09.2017 12:02
I'm using a mod that in english would be called something like Shut-off kit with flashing light, it's fences to close roads.
They use light addon for the blinking lights, and in order to turn them on you have to attach them to a tractor and press keypad_4, then you can detatch them and they continue blinking.
but after the game have been restarted they are turned off and you have to once again attach them to a tractor in order to activate them.

So I'm looking for help to change so either the turned on state is saved, so they remain blinking even after the game is restarted, or the next best thing, the ability to walk up to them on foot and activate the light.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2017 07:38

both is possible.

Saving and loading the state/value of a variable is actually no problem and done very often.
Just try to find an example for that - there are plenty.

Player Interaction with the lights is also doable.
Several approaches are possible.

In the end you would need to get into scipting to adjust something.
Or find somebody who will do it for you.


Stefan Klifords (Unknown) 18.09.2017 19:37
thanks for the reply, I pretty much figured both are possible, but unfortenetly I hardly know anything whent it comes to scripting lua, so I'm defenetly looking for someone who'd like to do that for me.

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