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Tire Track color on Map

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Created18.09.2017 13:43

Brian Blank (blankman77) 18.09.2017 13:43
Hello - I'm using a large modded map and while driving on gravel and concrete the tire tracks appear as dirt tracks. How do I get the tire tracks on gravel and concrete match those of the standard maps (white tracks with white dust particles)? I thought by going into the ID3 file (Layer name section - see below - attributes) and matching those of the standard map would fix the issue but it did not. Any advice? Thanks

<Layer name="roughDirt" detailMapId="5" normalMapId="6" unitSize="12" weightMapId="3" distanceMapId="4" attributes="0.155 0.082 0.037 1 1" priority="2"/>
<Layer name="grass" detailMapId="9" normalMapId="10" unitSize="10" weightMapId="7" distanceMapId="8" attributes="0.208 0.11 0.056 1 2" priority="0"/>
<Layer name="mountainRock" detailMapId="13" normalMapId="14" unitSize="16" weightMapId="11" distanceMapId="12" attributes="0.167 0.163 0.159 0 7" priority="5"/>
<Layer name="beachSand" detailMapId="17" normalMapId="18" unitSize="16" weightMapId="15" distanceMapId="16" attributes="0.901 0.613 0.365 1 1" priority="3"/>
<Layer name="gravel" detailMapId="21" normalMapId="22" unitSize="8" weightMapId="19" distanceMapId="20" attributes="0.443 0.424 0.42 0.6 1" priority="4"/>

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.09.2017 06:57

actually you should only need to adjust the values of
The first three values form an RGB triplet that defines the color of PS and tire tracks.


Brian Blank (blankman77) 19.09.2017 13:45
Thanks for helping Emil.

Jack Mayhem (lxfsby) 20.02.2018 06:52
@Emil,exist field what?

Jack Mayhem (lxfsby) 24.02.2018 15:07
@helping Emil fields??

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