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Created05.10.2017 22:26

Charles Calvert (Unknown) 05.10.2017 22:26
I converted a Mack truck, no errors, no warnings. my problem is when i buy the truck at the shop, i can pick my color and a lightbar that i added no problem, this thing is when i want to go back to the shops DIRECT SELLING AND CUSTOMIZATION POINT, Its like the trigger at the selling point isnt recognizing the truck or if its like its not sitting on the trigger, is there something in FS17 i need to add to the FS15 mod to get that to work, if so what is it? ive been looking for an answer for 3 days now and cant find a solution. if anyone can help ,please do and thank you for looking and have a great day.

R Harris (Rambow145) 07.10.2017 14:07
Send it to me on the email and I will help faster that way.

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