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Erorr failed to load Map01.i3d.colMap.grle

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Created24.10.2017 18:37

Cino Playz (CinoPlayz) 24.10.2017 18:37
Hi can someone help me with this error

I am having this problem in game that when i open console it says this: where you can see it .


Jim Peterson (JimmytheGeek) 26.10.2017 13:31
That is a web link to a screenshot. Find where it's calling for that picture and get rid of it, or download the picture and set the correct file path in your mod.

R Harris (Rambow145) 07.11.2017 02:04
The Map01.i3d.colMap.grle when in the map editor you need to go up to scripts FS17 Map Recreate Ground Collision Map. That should put it back in the right place if you have everything going right.

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