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False errors with modDesc

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Created20.12.2017 00:25

Dave Maloney (sebmoc) 20.12.2017 00:25
Everytime this last couple of days I change anything using GE I am unable to load back into the game. I am getting modDesc errors when it is clear there are none. All closing tags are in place, as you can check using notepad++ and highlight modDesc at top and there are no breaks in red line to closing modDesc at bottom. Earlier today I thought it may be the 1.5.3 patch so I deleted the game and started fresh with same map I am building.

I am currently running 1.5.1 and after deleting content from my map under construction I can no longer get in. The log is giving modDesc errors but I have scoured the file and found no errors.

This is getting very frustrating and very annoying that after alterations I spend hours looking at every line of code and still unable to resume game.

I could do with some advice please.

Many thanks in advance of some help.

Dave Maloney (sebmoc) 20.12.2017 00:40
Apologies for double post. I pressed refresh.

Every day is a school day! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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