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How to add game item to map?

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Created05.05.2018 21:10

Peter Chase (Unknown) 05.05.2018 21:10
New to modding, I would really like to create a custom map or two. Nothing fancy - I'm happy to start with using just the stock material that came with the game.

I've followed the documentation and tutorial instructions on how to make a new copy of one of the game's maps (map01.i3d) to start modifying it to make my own map. What I can't for the life of me figure out is how in this GE editor to you actually add one of the stock items or vehicles that came with the game to the map? Cloning an existing item on the map is fine but what about adding an available item that is not already on the map - is there not a library somewhere containing those? I see some items in Window -> Prefabs... but where are the rest? no tractors or farm implements, etc. It seems there is something very fundamental about how this editor works that I have completely missed, or else some instructions about how to set up your mapmod folder were omitted or misunderstood... I just don't see a menu option, command or hotkey for adding an item (other than Window -> Prefabs...)

Tks for any help,

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.05.2018 23:47
Vehicles and other functional objects are added in the map's associated "defaultVehicles.xml".
Examine this file - it's quite easy to understand since it complies with the savegame's "vehicles.xml".

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