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Removing Compost From Map Help !!

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Created13.07.2018 08:11

Roger Cote (GreasyX) 13.07.2018 08:11
got a new starter map and it all ready has a (Warning: Unkown fillType 'compost' for MaterialUtil.onCreateMaterial)
now I don't want Compost on My map
tried deleting everything that had to do with Compost Game won't run without ( fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d )
and all its about is compost
CHecked all i3d files for link to problem nothing found
checked all Mod and XML nothing their
now i just want to get rid of it any one please help and Thanks a head of time

Roger C GreasyX

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.07.2018 17:49
In most maps "AdditionalMapTypes" is used for non-standard fillTypes and fruitTypes.
Look into the map's "modDesc.xml". If it contains in the section <extraSourceFiles> the "additionalMapTypes.lua" then look further down under section <AdditionalMapTypes ..> for the <fillType name="compost" ..>. Simply delete this entry.

You must not have further maps in your game's mod folder, especially such ones with <extraSourceFiles>. The code is also executed even if the map is inactive. You should only have the map in the mod folder you are actually playing.

Roger Cote (GreasyX) 14.07.2018 21:18
thanks for your time simple fix again Thanks for helping a newb

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