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How to change driving and steering direction

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Created03.08.2018 16:59

Mario Bed (Unknown) 03.08.2018 16:59
Hello, Im trying to do vehicle which will have one steering wheel and which cabin rotates 180 degrees.
Can anyone please tell me how to make that, when cabin rotates 180 degree that steering and driving direction also rotates 180 degrees (front becomes back, right becomes left and vice versa)

Thank you in advance

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.08.2018 19:02
The vehicle needs additionally the spec "ReverseDriving". This is already included in the <vehicle type="tractor_reverseDriving">.
See eg. the Valtra T Series for reference.
In the Valtra merely the driver seat is turned. This handling and animations you must apply to your cabin.

Mario Bed (Unknown) 04.08.2018 05:35
Thank you for your answer. I will try that

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