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Created10.08.2018 09:45

Kenny Je (kenny456) 10.08.2018 09:45
Hello, is it possible to make woodharvester head, that can be attached as implement? When i added woodharvester spec., i got this error:
dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/WoodHarvester.lua(171) : attempt to index field 'sampleMotor' (a nil value).
Because there is no motor data in this head ofcourse. Is there any chance to do this please?

Sven Hecht (Svenstihl2) 16.09.2018 04:38
Hallo genau diese idee habe ich auch ich habe den Harvesterkopf im Spiel und als Test an einem Bagger, nun kommt aber immer, Bitte Starten sie erst den Motor...

<specialization name="attacherJoints" />
<specialization name="lights" />
<specialization name="attachable" />
<specialization name="animatedVehicle" />
<specialization name="turnOnVehicle" />
<specialization name="cylindered" />
<specialization name="motorized" />
<specialization name="washable" />
<specialization name="mountable" />
<specialization name="woodHarvester" />
<specialization name="ropes" />

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