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Created27.10.2018 17:27

Phill Thompson (ninja02) 27.10.2018 17:27
Trying to make a truck mod, Flatbed with tension belts, which can also pull a trailer, Every time the trailer is attached, the tool selection highlights the trailer, but the facility to switch back to the truck using G is not available.. I have tried different specialisations, i.e. pickupTT. This still does not work. If I use the specialisations for the Buffalo forwarder, it will switch back to the truck, but gives me the unwanted option of reverse drive mode. If I remove the reverse drive specialisation, I loose the facility to change back to the truck.

What does my mod need for the game to see it as needing to change selection with G.

If i enable debug render in the developer options, switching is then possible even when the debug render is switched off but only for that 1 occasion.

Help would be greatly appreciated, I would like to release this for all before FS19.



Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.10.2018 05:16
Add in the vehicle.xml for each attacher
<attacherJoint ... canTurnOnImplement="false" >

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