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FS19 - Sell points disappearing after restart

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Created01.12.2018 06:26

Josh Plank (Unknown) 01.12.2018 06:26

I have recently edited the Estancia Lapacho map and moved the bakery sell point. First time spawning into the map Everything works perfectly and am able to see and sell grain to the bakery sell point, I am able to see the vehicle sell/customise point ect, howeverWhen I save and restart, all sell points disappear. Port, Bakery, Train sell points (Including own silos), Vehicle sell points ect... Seems like its just not loading the mapSA_items.xml...

What I have changed:
Moved bakery across the road (Set coordinates of the bakerySellingStation in the mapSA_items.xml to my new coordinates)
Moved vehicle sell point (Set coordinates of the sellingStationVehicles in the mapSA_items.xml to my new coordinates)
Moved vehicle purchase point (Moved the vehicleShopTrigger in vehicleShopGameplay on Giants Editor)
Removed the Train system (Removed the trainSystem line from mapSA_items.xml & deleted trainSystem file from placeables)
Made a new vehicle shop and bakery(Duplicated items from around the map)
Flattened some hills(You know the ones I'm talking about.....)
Added some texture paint



Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.12.2018 12:44
In FS19 there's more to do as in FS17, where an edit in GE was enough.
Each item has now its placeholder in i3d and is linked with several xml files.
Some items have an explicite i3d which has to be adapted also.

Josh Plank (Unknown) 01.12.2018 16:51
Nothing in /placeables/sellingStations/sellingStationBakery.xml or .../sellingStationVehicles.xml States any form of coordinates nor have I found any other locations/files related to these 2 placeables that I've modified. I moved the 'placeholders' in the mapSA.i3d(Giant Editor) and used their coordinates in the mapSA_items.xml where required, therefore in my eyes shouldn't affect the loading of the entire 'placeable' items. I am currently spending hours remaking the map again without any modification to the 'placeables', 'trainSystem' or any other files other than the terraforming(mapSA.i3d) to try and rectify and eliminate where the issue is coming from which isn't ideal but seems like the only route I have at this stage to reduce the possibilities.

Rafael Silva (TormentorLS) 19.02.2020 15:32
For those who have this problem and find this old thread, here is the solution:
In the item.xml of your map, everything that is loading outside the game data folder must be call by the "$mapdir$" command not "$moddir..$"
like these:
<item className="SiloPlaceable" id="27" filename="$mapdir$/maps/Models/Sellpoints/farmSiloLarge.xml" position="-281.065 100 -352.394" rotation="0 2.359 0" farmId="1" />

Hope this help you guys ^^

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