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Created05.01.2019 09:48

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 05.01.2019 09:48
Hi there everyone. I'm working on a FS17 to FS19 mod conversion. I've got it almost completed except one of the grapple claws won't open.
If someone would like to help me fix it, that would be great. Link below...

Adam F Clark (afcbillsfan) 05.01.2019 15:34
Hi, change "grapple" area to the below code, worked for me...

<!-- Grapple Open/Close -->
<movingTool node="1>1" playSound="true">
<controls groupIndex="crane" l10nName="label_crane" axis="AXIS_CRANE_TOOL" invertAxis="true" iconName="$dataS2/menu/moveControls/grab_openClose.png"/>
<rotation rotSpeed="-70" rotAcceleration="200" rotMax="120" rotMin="0" rotationAxis="3"/>
<componentJoint index="2" anchorActor="0"/>
<dependentMovingTool node="1>2" speedScale="1" />
<movingTool node="1>2" playSound="true">
<rotation rotSpeed="70" rotAcceleration="200" rotMax="0" rotMin="-120" rotationAxis="3"/>
<componentJoint index="3" anchorActor="0"/>

Also, they changed from "iconFilename" to just "iconName"...

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 05.01.2019 19:50
Thanks Adam it worked perfectly. Your the man...

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