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Lime doesn't show/work on fields(modmap)

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Created08.01.2019 23:16

Johny De Hondt (Killerclown74) 08.01.2019 23:16
i'm working on a modmap and i was about to do some testings ingame. I have no errors at all.
The problem is, one field shows it need lime so i try to spray lime.
The field should show a white texture but nothing.
Also if i go to the menu it keeps showing it needs lime.
What am i missing in my map to make it work correctly.
Plowing,seeding,harvesting all work correctly

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 09.01.2019 10:33
Did you convert? Did you use the proper textures from fs19 maps? Did you use the proper setup too?

Johny De Hondt (Killerclown74) 09.01.2019 16:35
Yes that's all good i think, but it's working now after i cultivated the field once it's working. But i still have a problem . My game freezes sometimes and if i hit F5 to see the collission ingame the collission boxes of everything ,even the vehicles turns with the camera,when i look straight again it turns to normal. What can cause that?

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 09.01.2019 17:49
Errors in the log?

Johny De Hondt (Killerclown74) 09.01.2019 19:33
Only error in the log i have since the patch is this Error: Failed to request recommended mods, HTTP error code 0
The collision from the complete map and the vehicle i'm in turns with the camera and makes the game freeze,

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 10.01.2019 10:34
Make sure you have a water plane in your map. Even if it is below the terrain

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