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Need Help with crawlers FS19.

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Created12.01.2019 06:55

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 12.01.2019 06:55
I'm converting the CAT568G mod to FS19. Everything is going good but when it rolls out the track won't turn. I created a custom crawler i3d and xml. The front and back drivers work on both sides and it moves around ok. But the dawm track won't move. I converted the LIEBHERR 902 excavator the same way and the tracks work great. It is also sunk in the ground a bit and I can't seem to get it out no matter what I try. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Dustin Crose (Unknown) 19.01.2019 10:10
i wont be any help to you but maybe you can help me terry, im having a hell of a time getting the tracks to work on the volvo ec300, i was first to convert it in fs17, but now its about to make me pull my hair out, please share how you got it to work with the 902, ive got it in game and working, just tracks and a few lights is all i have left. thanks in advance!!

Terry Lyle (Unknown) 19.01.2019 21:03
Look in "Farming Simulator 19\data\shared\wheels\crawlers" for exampes. Just use one of those crawlers and scale it or create a new one based on the lizard-moduleCrawlers.i3d. Thats what I did. Have fun.☺☺☺

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.01.2019 23:20
If you scale something in the i3d, you should 'freeze' the transformation afterwards, else it may not work properly.

Dustin Crose (Unknown) 21.01.2019 02:54
hey guys, much appreciated, ive got the scroller part from the 902 on my volvo, using a gaints xml and i3d, and just putiing in the scroller part of the 902 in place of the giants one, but it will not scroll. thanks again guys.

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