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Problem With Map not loading fully ingame, FS19

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Created16.01.2019 21:05

Jonathan French (farmerjon9660) 16.01.2019 21:05
So I have started working on a new map for FS19 and it shows up ingame when selecting maps, but the game just closes itself during loading. What is even more strange is that no errors pop up in the log. I am confused

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 17.01.2019 09:48
Any errors/warnings when opening it in the editor?

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 18.01.2019 19:31
errors dont pop up because it hasnt fully loaded, there is too much missing/erros going on so it basically (crashes) before it loads, its frustrating but if there are no errors in giants editor then check the giants log file for previous errors that you over looked, that log is found in your appdata folder

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