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Created18.01.2019 04:42

Adam Corder (legitboss) 18.01.2019 04:42
I have been trying to follow one of ShyWizard youtube videos on placing sell triggers. I got the trigger down and all seems to be working except it is still selling the grain and not storing it in the silo. I also can seem to get the trigger on the silo to work in order to get grain out of the silo. Can anyone help and or lead me to better documentation on how to do these types of things

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 18.01.2019 19:29
There is a section on the scene graph called gamePlay, open it and look for the trigger, you'll also need to import it from place ables and move it to the correct position on the map save it and export it back to place ables.

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