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Created22.01.2019 13:34

Rubén Rocha (Ruben92) 22.01.2019 13:34
How can I convert a map from fs2013 to 2019?
I try to open it with the editor 8.0.1 and it closes automatically. change the type of editor with the notebook of the i3d file but it remains the same.
Do you have any ideas?

Thank you

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.01.2019 11:21
For an old map you can 'perhaps' use "Open Mod" (select the modDesc.xml) where you are asked for cloud converting.
This may work more or less properly, depending on map.
For full conversion remains manually editing in a text editor.

However for a FS13 map I wouldn't recommand converting. There are too many changes between the versions and the FS13 models and textures are very poor against.

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