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FS / LS17 create car groups in a zip file

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Created23.01.2019 20:12

Marco Hansen (Argonaut) 23.01.2019 20:12
Hello Com,
I am looking for a modDesc.xml, vehicle.xml and a storeFix.lua.

And I would like to have several vehicle groups together in a zip.datei and have them with a combo Fahrzeug.xml, modDesc.xml and then install them in a special category on the storeFix.lua.
For example, the emergency vehicles of fire brigade, ambulance service, police, KATSchutz, Bundeswehr, NATO and UN vehicle without aircraft or objects.

My question is: is that possible? - If so, who can give me some writing and installation help? Say instructions what I have to enter where.

With friendly greetings


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.01.2019 12:11
You can have several vehicles in one modDesc.
See for example the ITRunner set on modhub.

For an extra category you'll need a lua script.
To make it less complicate, you could create a separate 'brand'. This can be done easily in the modDesc. See also the ITRunner set.

Justin Ortega (Unknown) 26.02.2020 04:31
Hi I’m looking for a fully customizable dodge Cummins dually truck

Derek Squire (dezza069) 26.02.2020 13:02
Have you tried your local Dodge dealership?

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