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Created26.07.2019 20:19

Jacob Wolf (jacooboo) 26.07.2019 20:19
does anyone know how to add the digable materials from the mining and construction economy map to other maps? im part of a virtual farming company and we are digging out a pond so we thought this would be realistic! ive looked everywere on the internet and done various things in GE but i can't figure it out. thanks for any help!

Ganna Semenyuk (Unknown) 10.11.2019 21:16

Ganna Semenyuk (Unknown) 10.11.2019 21:23
FRANÇAIS: Ici c'est une MAP ou vous pourrez être comme un fermier professionnel de la vraie vie. Vous aurez un large choix de véhicules et d’équipements et aussi beaucoup de champs .
ENGLISH: Here is a MAP where you can be like a professional farmer of real life. You will have a wide choice of vehicles and equipment and also a lot of fields.

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