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ingame texture flicker

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Created03.09.2019 07:24

Peter Mill (Linrox) 03.09.2019 07:24
I am creating a personal map for my fs17 game.
I am using GE7.1 and have exported and imported all used objects as per instructions from many youtube and GDN references.

I am having a few issues with textures flickering / turning black.

here is an image of the way the texture should look.

and here is what the image is glickering too/change black

I have check that all my video and system drivers are uptodate.

it is only these textures on this object. The map is a 4x map and the texture on this object flickers between the 3 images depending on the angle.
I am using unchanged original mod textures.
The log file has zero errors.

For this stage of map making i only have 4 mods added, (Money mod, chopped straw, UPK and Kotte Universal pack)
I have tried with out each mod and the issues still occurs, and only errors when i don't add the chopped straw as part of that mod is intergrated into the map, and is required for the map to work without errors.

I don't have any issues with the object from the original map, (sherwood farm latest version)
I have exported/import several times and always get the same issue.

I have also tried lowering the graphics options to low and high, no v-sync and with v-sync
i think it has something to do with the shader for these textures, but don't know how to proceed.

I know it fs17 is yesterdays news for a lot of people, but i would still like some help to understand and fix the issue.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.09.2019 16:14
That occurs if two (or more) shapes overlay on identical location.
You must identify the shapes and then move a little bit up/down (~ 0.001).

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