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Sound not fading at distance

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Created03.05.2020 02:38

Matt Abbott (whitepony2005) 03.05.2020 02:38
Hello, Have just begun modding for FS17, Using GE 7.10, Have placed AudioSource, and set Audio attribute as follows,
Range 40,
InnerRange 1,
From my understanding of documentation, the sound should begin to fade out as i am 1m away and then stop at 40m away. However no fade occurs and the sound plays full volume until i am 40m away and abruplty stops.
Can anyone help me have this sound smoothly fade away to nothing as i get further from the object.
Object is placeable type if this make any difference.

Matt Abbott (whitepony2005) 03.05.2020 14:12
Strangly this issue simply resolved itself after shutting everything down and gooing to bed. Works prefectly today

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