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Created20.05.2021 03:05

Davis Vvv (veinbergs1994) 20.05.2021 03:05
Hello i am making something like containers but the problem is that i want to make buyable interiors (desing) problem is that i dont whant put 3 or 4 types of interior in same mod i3d file and then just make it visible or not i was thinking create separate i3d files with interior 1 and 2 and 3 and load them something like wheels are in separate i3d mybe someone can help me how load them...please
I try something like this didnt work :D

<vehicleTypeConfiguration name="Test" price="0" vehicleType="cont_room">
<objectChange index="0>0|1|3" filename="objects/test.i3d" visibilityActive="true" visibilityInactive="false"/>
<vehicleTypeConfiguration name="Test2" price="2000" vehicleType="cont_room" >
<objectChange node="0>0|1|3" visibilityActive="true" visibilityInactive="false"/>

Dont look on the test2:D

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