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Created04.04.2019 04:32

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 04.04.2019 04:32
Hi I got an email from the mod hub about the map I wanted to upload to the site and the testing said I had to change some files and this is 1 of them (DXT3): /imported/textures/wbh/ - Error - Invalid compression mode they want me to change it to 1 or 5 but where and how do I change them.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.04.2019 13:45
Load the texture into a paint program (eg. or Gimp) and save it as DDS with DXT5 compression.

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 19.04.2019 01:48
ok I down loaded gimp but how do you save it as dds and DXT5 pls

Zachary Benson (DS_Gaming) 19.04.2019 03:55
I had better luck with it had beter save function for quickly converting between png and DXT5

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 22.04.2019 08:11
ok i downloaded so how do you save as DXT1 or DXT%?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.04.2019 08:25
*sigh* DXT is not a file format, but a compression method. You must "save as" DDS and select in requester the right DXT compression.

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 22.04.2019 11:08
tyvm got it

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