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Locomotive export and import help?

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Created10.06.2020 09:57

Shawn E Carter (ShawnDaGeek) 10.06.2020 09:57
I am just wondering if anyone has had any luck export from game files and importing into custom map the locomotive04 or 01? when i export and link in defaultitems for my trainsystem the map go black when loaded, freezes but does not crash or cause errors to log.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.06.2020 17:16
With export/import in GE you won't have success, since the train system is a separate, stand-alone construction.
Basic components are:
1. The trainSystem.id3, basically the spline with a link (user attribute) to the trainSystem.xml.
2. The trainSystem.xml with all required tags and attributes. In this xml you can define custom locomotive or wagons, which should be in subfolders of your map.
3. The defaultItems.xml where the trainSystem.xml is inserted into map.

Shawn E Carter (ShawnDaGeek) 10.06.2020 21:17
Thank you first for the reply, i was afraid of that. I was not even able to relink the xml as to configure the engine to have a bit more pow3er to get up steeper hills. This is almost as sad as not having flight physics for crop dusters lol.

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 15.06.2020 10:47
You can definitely do it. I've done it and increased speed and power on mine. You have to have the xml in your map folder and point the railsystem there.

I recommend watching shywizard on YouTube about trains on maps. He goes over the xml system well and you'll figure out what to do. It's not hard

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