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Created28.10.2021 03:22

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 28.10.2021 03:22

I was wondering if anyone knows where or what this animation is called and maybe where I could find it? Added a custom fruit type to my mod-map and this is the one last animation i have left to fix, and I can't seem to find it anywhere. links for Pics of what I'm looking for is posted below. not sure if it is part of the map, or integrated into the combines themselves (and a possible way to get around it if it IS the combines)

looking for both the fill animation and the smoke effects.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.10.2021 08:45
It is usually an unloading effect, defined like
<combine> <fillEffect> <effectNode effectNode="grainTankEffect" materialType="unloading" ...
That means, for a new fillType this must be added in the map's additional "particleSystems/effect_materialHolder.i3d".
In the same materialHolder is also the smoke effect (to be added).

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 28.10.2021 23:20
okay cool, ill look for it. thanks!

also, I assume there is a way to change the color of the chaff on the ground to match the fruit type, is that correct?

i.e. make it a greener color rather than it be the standard off-yellow for wheat or corn.


Mike Firment (mike1000195) 28.10.2021 23:26
hey! so, i went and looked in my materialHolder.i3d for the mod map, and i couldnt find anything along the lines of what you suggested. so i checked the games materialHolder to see how they handle the effect, and that wasn't in there either. so i just downloaded another mod map online that had new fruit types added to the map, and i cant pick out glancing at it anything that is different from mine. they also do not have anything in relation to what you suggested, unless the names that you used were simple placeholders and my tiny brain simply isnt comprehending that for some reason lol.

if you were using placeholders, could you give me a specific copy-paste example of, lets say wheat? you seem like you know exactly what i'm looking for.


Mike Firment (mike1000195) 29.10.2021 02:51

did a TON of side by side comparison for some of theirs vs mine (effect_materialHolder), and they were nearly identical. the only thing i was missing was a BEND_PARABOLA shader variation under Materials, so i went through the normal process of adding that in but it really didnt seem to do anything. not sure where to go from here.

would it (maybe) be possible, throwing ideas out in the dark here, be able to see with remote debugger what files/code that animation is pulling if i start debugging it on the downloaded map? or can you only debug things if you know what code you're looking for and pin it to that, not vise versa (i.e. pin an animation and see what code ties to that)

i hope that made sense

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.10.2021 06:12
For further hints to a custom materialHolder see eg.
Some common mistakes are:
- wrong/unsuitable mod folder hierarchy
- missing material
- missing/wrong user attribute for fillType

For infos concerning debugger see at first the guide
Notice: the advanced features are only available if the LUA source code is present. Nevertheless for the interpretation of used variable content you'll need enhanced knowledge and experience in FS LUA scripting.

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 30.10.2021 00:39
looking at the materialHolder filepaths now, will report back later with what i find. so far found a mis-matched nodeId that could have possibly been causing the problem, but ill let you know.

quick question though, Giants by default has: <Attribute name="materialIndex" ...

and my materialHolder has: <Attribute name="materialId" ...

are those one in the same? would it be worthwhile to change all of those labeled "Id" to "Index"?

thanks again.

p.s., accidentally commended by accident on the post that you sent me to read up on. ignore that lol.

update: would having all of the material .png's and shaders in a fillPlanes and shaders folder INSIDE of the particleSystems folder and simply calling to them by fillPlanes/fruittype_diffuse.png be okay? or do they HAVE to be located inside of the map root directory, and the proper filepath should be ../fillPlanes/fruittype_diffuse.png

update 2: upon comparing materialHolder's between mine and the downloaded multifruit map, i see he has some normals under his files called out as ".dds" and some called out as ".png". is that one in the same, or does it specifically have to be one or the other.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.10.2021 04:13
For FS19 use the attribute "materialIndex". The earlier FS17 had used "materialId".

For folder structure I'd urgently recommand to use the same hierarchy like the game default files. This is best compatible and makes changes easier.
In general you don't need shader files in your mod if you use the game default shaders and reference with "$data/shaders/.."

A DDS file is converted from a PNG. Though the GE and game can process both, DDS is much quicker and less resource intensive.

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 30.10.2021 05:21
thanks for the clarification on those. I have done everything on the list you told me to do, i actually just wrapped up as you replied back.
-check for wrong mod folder hierarchy
-check for missing materials
-check for missing/wrong user attribute for fillTypes

aaaand sadly to no avail. granted, i feel a TON better now that i have the recommended file paths for the fillTypes folder. went through the process of moving all of that back to the modmap root directory and changing the necessary file paths, along with getting rid of what shader dependencies that i did not need and replacing them with "$data/shaders/.." instead of keeping them in my mod map.

basically, it works in the downloaded multifruit map, and it works (obviously) in vanilla game. after 5 straight hours of side by side comparison and fixes, i still cant seem to get it to work at all. *everything* else works but this fill animation. i even found out that bend_parabola did NOT do what i wanted it to do, but i did learn something at least lol.

i have certainly learned a ton from the material you provided for me to research on, and learned quite a bit of proper ways of structuring file paths for the future, so very much appreciation there.

i just cant seem to find what that specific animation is tied to and its driving me nuts.

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 30.10.2021 05:36
let me explain i guess further in detail if this would matter:

both of our crops are first based off of maze. his is hops, mine is hemp. everything about both of our crops works the exact same in game. except, in his files, he didn't seem to make a for his hops fruit type. however, i made one for mine and baked it, the whole rundown to get a properly formed normal mapping. he just used his hops_diffuse, and then the maze_normal. mine is set up hemp_diffuse and hemp_normal. could it be something with the fact that i might have messed up with my normals to where it isnt working correctly? or maybe something along those general lines? he used every single material normal for his fruit type as the basegame maze normal in the materialHolder.

i guess what im trying to say is he used maze dependencies for a lot of his files for his fruit type, as i made a lot of mine custom handmade. do you think it would be worthwhile to try having the same maze dependencies that he has and see where that gets me?

edit: that has absolutely nothing to do with it, I just tested it :(

Mike Firment (mike1000195) 30.10.2021 06:06

okay now that thats out of the way, it was literally just the fact that i had "materialId" under all of the userAttributes (because the crop was a FS17 port), instead of "materialIndex". changed everything under the userAttributes to the correct naming, and bam. it works. simple as that.

thank you so much Bilbo. you're a live saver honestly.

thank you!

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