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Created06.02.2022 12:13

Dominic Kaussen (Dom_2807) 06.02.2022 12:13
Hello, I would like to install animations in the doors of my tractor.
can someone tell me how this works?

Jefferson Larue (silver) 06.02.2022 17:55

First, you need to ensure that the doors may be "rotated". This means that they need to be independant from the rest of the cab. You can see that in GE.

If so, you have two possibilities : one makes that the door may be opened and closed only in the tractor, using the mouse control. With the second option, the door (only one, not two), may be opend from inside or outside the tractor (more complicated and it requires and additional mod which allows opening "covers" form the outside

Whichever you choose, you will need to change the tractor's xml file and to open the i3d in GE.

If you know how to do that, I can explain further what and how to do it.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 06.02.2022 19:41
I suggest you download a modded tractor that has opening doors and see how it is implemented in that vehicle.
If however you are trying to do your own animation on an in game tractor then you will need to know how to use blender to create the texture and model the door and also to remove any door mesh already in the tractor cab i3d section re texturing as necessary.

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