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Created01.06.2024 23:57

Tom Belter (Wis_Tex) 01.06.2024 23:57
can a fs 2011 mod be converted to fs 2022 ...if not what would the last game year that mods could be converted from to 22

Simon Dahlquist (SimDala) 02.06.2024 00:12
All mods can be converted to the next version of the game, but some conversions can be quite a lot of work to do. So the answer is probably yes, it's possible to convert, but how much work is needed is a good question. There's no converter that I'm aware of that do it automatically.

Anthony Dinardo (Anthony07) 02.06.2024 01:16
I converted the Kelly Diamond Harrow From FS17 to FS22 (for private use), it's definitely possible to convert from previous games but it seems like the older the game the more work you have to do.

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