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Created16.05.2013 21:47

Mark Brookes (Unknown) 16.05.2013 21:48
Is it possible to add extra maps or overlays to the Status Page screens (the ones you get to by pressing ESC in game)? If it is can someone give me some hints on how to do it.

Sven2157 (Unknown) 03.06.2013 17:25
These are handled by the 'fruit_density.grle' file. There are 2 ways to handle this I have found, but both require that you create a new 'fruit_density.grle'.

To create a new one, you need to DELETE the 'fruit_density.grle' file in your working directory( "<MAP_FOLDER>\textures\terrain\fruit_density.grle" ).

Then create a new PNG file, called 'fruit_density.png', with the dimensions of 1024px X 1024px. HOWEVER, these dimensions are relevant to your map size. So to find out what they really need to be, you need to:

- Create that new PNG file, and place it in the directory where the 'fruit_density.grle' file is loacted.
- DELETE the 'fruit_density.grle' file
- Open YOUR map, wait for it to load, then immediately save it. This will create a new 'fruit_density.grle' file, with the correct size.
- Download the GRLE converter from the downloads of this site( ).
- Convert the GRLE to an PNG, using the utility.
- Open that PNG in your editor, and notate the size.

Here is where you have 2 choices:

-- The long, easy way:

Create the new file, and then start a new saved game. Plant ALL your fields, using different crop types. Let them grow to a harvest stage. Any fields that you plant will be saved to a new 'fruit_density.grle' located in the saved game folder.

You can then analyse the results, by converting the GRLE into a PNG. You could also, just replace the GRLE in your working direcctory with the one from the saved game.

-- The more precise, harder way:

Another approach, you could use, is to create the new file. Be warned that this is a difficult file to manipulate. It is a single channel RGB, that is more like a gray scale image. ONLY the red channel, is utilized, as far as I can see far. The catch is when you view only the red channel everything is gray.

I have found that painting a color of gray( #424242 ) onto the red channel ONLY, will give you mow-able grass where you have painted. With RGB all selected the final color seems to be a dark red( #420000 ).

Either way, this whole process will remove the default Hagenstedt overlay.

I will be putting together a video tutorial, soon for this, and many more unanswered questions I had, and found my own solutions for; since GIANTS doesn't even seem to look in here any more...

Hope that helps! ;-)

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