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Created11.02.2023 19:39

Dr. Fischer (oekonomierat) 11.02.2023 19:39
hi guys

i am writing this post because I'm at this point in life where start to discover lua. ;)

So i need help.

My project:

Train should not drive in circles anymore, i want that the train goes from A-B and B-A and again and again.......... up and down ........

My plan is to stop the train from begging ( standing at point A) call him to (Point B) From Point B, I drive manual to direction A where I will be kicked out at a driving range point. Then the train should stop again, motor off and wait until I call him again.

I hope I could give a good description of my problem

in Germany we say Kopfbahnhof o. Sackbahnhof (terminus station)

Cheers Ben

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