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Created16.02.2023 13:32

Patryk Walerianczyk (haker146) 16.02.2023 13:33
Hey, I'm struggling with such a problem, I would like to replace tree shaders in a separate mod using LUA, specifically treeBillboardShader.xml and treeBranchShader.xml
The paths to these files are in the map.i3d file. Now my question, does anyone know how to replace these files with a lua script that would be loaded as a mod??

PS.Sorry for my previous test thread, there is a problem in the tum forum to add a thread with a long title

Patryk Walerianczyk (haker146) 16.02.2023 14:43
I searched the LUA documentation for FS22 but I didn't find any example of loading tree shaders other than the default ones

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