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Created13.01.2014 16:20

John Hide (Unknown) 13.01.2014 16:32
Hi everyone,
Wondering if you can assist me, I've been a great fan of Farm Sim for some time, and played this game over 2000 hours, used many mods. but in all these years I've never saw any mods created to add the realistic aspect of Veterinarians nor the requirement for any support to the animals other than the food etc. Which brings me to the point of this thread.

Id like to create some sort of script, that can add this feature, I have a few thoughts in my mind.
But at this current state I'm miles from even being able to put any words into a script.
Thus far I was thinking something simple with if no food in trough, over 1 game hour, then kill 1 animal. Other parts I'd like to get added to the script would be more relating to the sheep. At night often sheep would be hunted by Fox or other animals. Over time we could set 1 sheep to go missing.

This mod could be setup easily I'm sure, and the scripts could be done this is why i'm here, I'd like some input some of the script help if possible.
Best wishes
Thanks in advance for any words any help.

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 21.03.2014 23:04
Hello John.

Maybe we can help you with this. im From and we have a scripter they make a animal mod for farming simulator with his own lua scripts. if you want to now lets contact us at

i will hear of you

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 25.03.2014 06:53
correct, i made a SP script that is a livecylce, born, breeding, dead and sync the animals with the farmsilo.
its a background operation that needs some statements before it start but no interaction like extra feeding or extra triggers, The Giants triggers can be used siloTrigger to load the animals, tipTrigger to unload the animals. to bad we could not paint two Animal meshes off a kind that would be perfect.

this script is not public as i'm fighting to get this MP. and i'm learning lua bit by bit.

if you have questions about this project or want to help you could contact or

here is my youtube channel where you see clips off the project

Jamie Wagner (Unknown) 27.03.2015 19:50
i need help either making a script to make egg pallet cage placeable or possibly a way to make a newer chicken coop can you help?

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