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Created17.04.2014 19:55

Thomas Nagels (Unknown) 17.04.2014 19:59
One of the mods I am prepping is a physical interface for controlling Farming Simulator. I have got the input working, but now I want to send information back to my HID, to indicate some statuses.

I can only see two options for this right now: write an XML-file every second or so (sloooow) or use the network tools in LUA. However, for another program to understand this and send it to my HID, I would need the network protocol in detail. Is this available?

If anyone is interested in this project please contact me at thomas(at)nagels(dot)be.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 19.04.2014 13:59
Hi Thomas,

What do you mean with "my HID" exactly. What kind of application are you trying to achieve?


Thomas Nagels (Unknown) 22.04.2014 18:11
I am preparing to build a physical device that will connect to the computer that has Farming Simulator on it. This will be done by either USB or Network, depending on what type of interfacing is easier.

In both cases I will need the best (fastest) way to get information from FS2013; when using ethernet, I'll also need to be able to send information back to the program.

Can this be done?

Thomas Nagels (Unknown) 06.05.2014 20:51
Any new insights on this?

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