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Need to change the LUA script

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Created03.07.2014 14:27

Hans Karlsson (Hassebilder) 03.07.2014 14:33
Need to change the LUA script so work with machine instead of a chainsaw.
tried it myself but very bad at it. Angry

The script is from chainsaw in forestmod and now will use part of the header that is being build.
Will be for everyone.
So anyone who can help me so kind! Smiley

Will post it for download as soon as got this problem solved

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.07.2014 08:24
Hi Hans,

if you are not familiar with scripting you could try to find someone in the modding community to help you out.

Sorry, but we don't have the time to fix/edit the script.


P.S. I hope you asked the original author for permission to change the script ;)

Hans Karlsson (Hassebilder) 04.07.2014 15:08
I have mail him but no answer

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