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terrain info (ground type) FS15

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Created05.11.2014 21:24

Sebastian Lampe (Unknown) 05.11.2014 21:45
Hi community and GIANTS team,

since Farming Simulator 15 came out I would like to ask, if you added a way to use the script to get informations about the ground type (e.g. asphalt, dirt, etc.) a vehicle is currently driving on (see my original post:

In other words, is there a way to access the terrain geometry's texture layer or the weight maps (e.g. asphalt_weight, dirt_weight, etc.) at a specific world position and get the layer's name or in case of the maps a value [0, 1] in return? Are there any functions that I could use to do that? If not, can you think of any other workaround?

Thanks again

Sebastian Lampe (Unknown) 12.11.2014 17:26
Solved it myselfe. I am now able to get exact in-gane information if the vehicle is driving on grass, asphalt, etc.


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