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Change price for wood in FS15

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Created07.11.2014 13:34

Daniel Andersen (dakar2008) 07.11.2014 13:37
Hey, can anyone tell me where to find a complete API for Farming Simulator 15 Modding, and how to change the price for wood when selling it by dumping it in the lake or at the train, because i think the economy for this is total silly and ruins the fun of the game, because you can make a million in the game in about an hour on hard difficulty...

Lafage Xavier (Unknown) 07.11.2014 14:02
C:\Users\admin\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2015\savegame1, puis careerSavegame

Daniel Andersen (dakar2008) 07.11.2014 15:05
that's not what i want, i am looking for a permanent way to change the price for wood, because that way the price will go up again when the hour change in the game...

David Oldfield (disco429) 11.11.2014 00:28
Iv only found one reference so far in the i3d, when clicking on the sell trigger next to the train there was a price multiplier in the user attributes panel of GE. I didn't do any testing so I don't know if that value affects the other wood sell triggers too but it's somewhere to start for you. Hope that helps

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